Photo Albums of the Fearless Travelers
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With the right advertising, a travel agent could make a trip to Detroit sound like it would be a lovely place to visit. Far more important is a chance to take a virtual tour of the destination from the eyes of a fellow traveler. Included herein are photos from our trips to destinations in six of the seven continents. These albums should help you decide if a destination looks right for you.

A couple of points are worth noting while perusing the photos. Make sure your cursor is over the name when clicking to select it. It may take a while to load the pictures because the pictures are of high quality so be patient.  When there are photos, as below, clicking the photo will take you to the website associated with the picture.  For example, clicking the bison below will take you to the photos of North America.  These are the same options as available when you click on the photo albums menu.

Some important notes about the menu bar that shows up at the top of the various photo albums.  First, if you stop moving your sursor, this menu bar will disappear.  Also, if you move your cursor over the various options a message will display its function.  Second, there are left and right arrows to move you forward and backward.  Third from the left is an up arrow.  That will take you to the introductory page with other options.  The other functions are pretty self explanatory and you can see how they work by simply clicking on them.  One button will allow you to turn on the photo captions.

Buffalo in Yellowstone Iguassu Falls in Brazil Castle in Ireland Lion on Safari Tori Gate in Japan Orpheus Island Dummy